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Fenkleen - Industrial, food and agriculture cold store cleaning specialists."

Our area of unbeatable expertise

Specialists in contract cleaning
to the food Industry.

Currently over 85% of our workforce is employed within the food sector. We can supply a bespoke service that includes the production of all cleaning schedules and records, chemical supplies, equipment, and machinery.

The speed at which your cleaning team reacts is crucial. Fenkleen Hygiene ensures regular meetings with Key staff, and regular auditing to ensure any hygiene issues are identified and resolved quickly.

Fenkleen Hygiene has the resources to ensure a consistent, reliable and flexible service 365 days a year.

We have infrastructure and management in place to ensure your facilities meet the exacting specifications in food hygiene.

We currently provide services to over 20 food-processing organisations throughout the East of England.

  • Over 18 Years' Experience In The Food Industry
  • Complete Bespoke Service
  • Continuous Auditing And Assessment
  • Value For Money
  • Flexibility To Meet Production Needs
  • 24 Hour Help Desk And Support
  • Fast, Responsive And Reliable Service

For more details of our service,
call us today on: 01366 386 511

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